Item Code Item Type Title Created Date  
HTML Diagnostics 2015MY Legacy and Outback Service Manual V18 Jun 16, 2016 [View PDF]  
WQW-58 Subaru Product / Campaign Bulletin Engine Control Module (ECM) Reprogramming Feb 10, 2016 [View PDF]  
06-49-15R Technical Service Bulletin Design Change to Retaining Clip for Front ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Feb 8, 2016 [View PDF]  
07-106-16 Technical Service Bulletin DTC P1C00 / Change to Battery Sensor Feb 8, 2016 [View PDF]  
09-63-16 Technical Service Bulletin DTC B1500 and Fuel Level Sensor Replacement Procedures Feb 5, 2016 [View PDF]  
16-98-16 Technical Service Bulletin TCM Reprogramming File Availability to Address Inconsistent Shifting / Slipping Concerns When Cold Feb 5, 2016 [View PDF]  
ACRNM_001 Other / Miscellaneous Acronyms Feb 4, 2016 [View PDF]  
11-120-12R State Inspection / Maintenance Advisory Bulletin Readiness Code Set Procedure; On-Board Diagnostic System I/M Check During State Emission Test Feb 3, 2016 [View PDF]  
15-188-15R Technical Service Bulletin Reprogramming File Availability to Improve Audio Unit Performance Feb 3, 2016 [View PDF]  
MSA5M1601A Owner Manual 2016MY Impreza and Crosstrek Owner's Manual Feb 1, 2016 [View PDF]  
TIPS0116 TechTIPS NewsLetter 2016 January TechTIPS Newsletter Feb 1, 2016 [View PDF]  
SOA801P000... Accessory Installation Guide Forester Door Edge Guards Feb 1, 2016 [View PDF]  
07-98-15 Technical Service Bulletin Relay Freezing Causing DTCs P1C30 and U0110 Jan 22, 2016 [View PDF]  
MSA5P2307C Technician Reference Booklet Transmission Theory and Diagnosis (May 2015) Jan 21, 2016 [View PDF]  
MSA5P2506C Technician Reference Booklet Brakes Theory and Diagnosis (Dec 2015) Jan 21, 2016 [View PDF]  
MSA5P2501C Technician Reference Booklet Vehicle Dynamics and Driver Assist Systems (Dec 2015) Jan 21, 2016 [View PDF]  
02-157-14R Technical Service Bulletin Surface Treatment Change To Oil Control Piston Rings Jan 15, 2016 [View PDF]  
WQR-53R Subaru Product / Campaign Bulletin Takata Front Passenger Air Bag Inflator Replacement Jan 14, 2016 [View PDF]  
15-192-16 Technical Service Bulletin Loose / Gapping Accessory Front Wheel Arch Moldings Jan 14, 2016 [View PDF]  
07-105-16 Technical Service Bulletin Change to Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) Control Module Jan 11, 2016 [View PDF]  
SOA801P020... Accessory Installation Guide WRX and WRX STI Door Edge Guards Jan 8, 2016 [View PDF]  
16-42-90R Technical Service Bulletin Transmission Cooler Flushing Jan 7, 2016 [View PDF]  
12-185-15R Technical Service Bulletin Wind "Rushing" or "Fluttering" Sound from "B" Pillar Area Jan 7, 2016 [View PDF]  
E231SSG200 Accessory Installation Guide Forester Hood Protector Jan 5, 2016 [View PDF]  
SOA801P010... Accessory Installation Guide Legacy and Outback Door Edge Guards Jan 4, 2016 [View PDF]  
07-89-15R Technical Service Bulletin Interior Fuse Box (F/B) "IG" and "ACC" Relay Replacement for Engine Will Not Crank / Start Condition Jan 4, 2016 [View PDF]  
F10_GEN2_N... Troubleshooting Guide Technical Support Guide SUBARU STARLINK 7.0" Multimedia Plus and SUBARU STARLINK 7.0" Multimedia Navigation System Jan 4, 2016 [View PDF]  
15-177-14R Technical Service Bulletin New "Gen 2" Fujitsu Ten (F10) SD Card Audio / Navigation (AVN) System Operating Tips Dec 18, 2015 [View PDF]  
TIPS1215 TechTIPS NewsLetter 2015 December TechTIPS Newsletter Dec 17, 2015 [View PDF]  
09-61-15R Technical Service Bulletin Design Change to the Fuel Filler Door Assembly Dec 17, 2015 [View PDF]  
12-196-15 Technical Service Bulletin Design Changes to Rear Spoiler and Rear Gate Dec 16, 2015 [View PDF]  
18-184-15 Service Manual Correction Service Manual Corrections Dec 16, 2015 [View PDF]  
07-103-15 Technical Service Bulletin PRG Rod Servicing / One-Time Use Part Information Dec 16, 2015 [View PDF]  
12-195-15 Technical Service Bulletin Door Mirror Loose, Vibrating Dec 14, 2015 [View PDF]  
15-191-15 Technical Service Bulletin Corrosion of Attachment Hardware Dec 14, 2015 [View PDF]